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A story of Vilok and love for wood trace their origins several decades back, in times when the founder of VILOK company, Viktor Jeromel, still as a child, observed in his father’s workshop how new wooden products were made on daily basis. It seemed that there was no end to a magic that contained wood as a common denominator…

He started his journey four decades ago, inspired by love for wood, which he grew by and learned how to understand – four decades of his «affair» with wood – a material he deeply loves, knows intimately and takes into account, with all of its whims, demands and rules.

VILOK company at first started with manufacture of high quality crossbows and bows. Their products were distinct from the very beginning by their high quality and precision of manufacture, which both contributed to Viktor Jeromel’s setting of a European record in 3-D already in year 1998. Although the company climbed to the very top in this branch, and their crossbow won golden prize to Rajmond Debevec and Slovenia in 1993 at a world championship in France, this family company, employing all of the family members, decided to add something new to this well developed story – that’s how beautiful, high quality and handcrafted wooden eyewear VILOK came to be.

All this makes the story of VILOK eyewear different, and makes people to say that these are eyeglasses with a soul. Vilok eyewear is handcrafted and launched among top manufacturers of wooden eyewear thanks to family tradition and know-how in wood crafting. A trained eye will immediately notice why, because not all wooden eyeglasses are created equal. Wood is a living material, and it is very important to craft it properly in order to make a product that will serve to its purpose well and for a long time. A vast majority of wooden product we see today everywhere does not meet even the most basic requirements that should be known to a user before he or she reaches for such a product. Genuine wooden eyewear, first of all, must meet all requirements for standard eyewear, but, in contrast, it is better for the user since it is made of a natural material – wood. Today, realizing we have only one planet at our disposal, this is a very important advantage. VILOK eyeglasses are totally degradable, frames as well as lenses, the latter being adapted and manufactured for Vilok by ALCOM company from Kranj, Slovenia.

An additional advantage of VILOK wood sunglasses is personalization – their future owner can have his or her name engraved in a frame holder, or on a handcrafted wooden case, made of walnut tree wood, that keeps the eyewear safely stored.

In cooperation with Slovenian jewelry company Zlatarna Celje, the story developed into another interesting area, which joins wood, gold and precious stones – accessories that will become permanent company of VILOK eyewear.

On this occasion, VILOK company made a unique piece of luxury eyewear decorated by 118 precious stones, with estimated value of several thousand euros.

Every piece of VILOK eyewear is unique, the same way every piece of wood is unique. You can choose between several different models and pick a color and shape that suit you most. VILOK eyewear is suitable for those that must wear glasses, as well as for those that like to follow fashion trends.

If you desire even more personalized item, you can ask for a small, beautiful detail to be added – something small of your choice.

Among famous people that swear by VILOK eyeglasses is a famous Slovenian ski instructor ANDREA MASSI. Recently he cooperated with a famous Slovenian fashion photographer Dean Dubokovič in shooting a series of exclusive fashion photographs, successfully presenting himself as a fashion model for VILOK eyewear.

At VILOK company there is no rest even after accomplishing all this. Now they are working on new fashion surprises, one of the latest being eyeglasses made of horns of Istrian Boshkarin cattle breed.

And one more thing: There is only one true wooden eyewear – VILOK wooden eyeglasses!

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Glasses, bows and crossbows are manufactured by our own developed patent with many competitive advantages.

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